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Look For These Attributes When You Choose Promotional Cooler Bags

If you like the idea of using custom promotional bags as a marketing tool for your company or organization, it's best to partner with a business that has a large selection of bags for you to consider. While cloth shopping bags are often a popular choice for this purpose, don't hesitate to see what other types of bags are available too. Look for something that you think the people who receive this promotional item will use. One option is a cooler bag, an insulated bag that people can load with food and drinks to take on picnics, road trips, and more. If the company has several types of cooler bags available, look for a product with these attributes.

Reinforced Handles

An important feature for any cooler bag is a pair of reinforced handles. Check out the amount of stitching at the base of each handle. Ideally, you should see a heavy amount of stitching in this area, which will be integral to help prevent the handles from tearing. The people who receive your promotional cooler bags will often fill them with heavy objects, for example, a load of ice and several bottles or cans. This weight can put a considerable strain on the handles, but they'll stand up to the task if they're heavily reinforced.

High Insulation Rating

When you look at different cooler bags, you'll often see some type of insulation rating. Commonly, this will be a number that references how many hours the bag will keep your items cold. It's ideal to choose a bag that has as high of an insulation rating as possible. People don't want their drinks and food to warm up in a short amount of time, especially when they're planning to use the cooler bag for an extended duration, such as a daylong road trip.

A high insulation rating will keep people satisfied, which means that they'll use your bag and that often allows others to also see your branding information on its exterior.

Outside Pocket

While an outside pocket on the exterior of a cooler bag is a simple feature, it's a valuable one that not every bag has. When you choose a bag design with this element, you're giving people a convenient place to carry flat items. On a picnic, someone may place a few pieces of cutlery or some napkins in this pocket. If a person is visiting the beach, they might slide a couple of magazines into the pocket that they plan to read while sipping a cold beverage.

Contact a promotional bag company to learn more about its cooler bags.